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Hongfire Anime Network Empty Hongfire Anime Network

Post by shiropantsu on Thu Jul 14, 2011 3:42 pm

It's an anime network that I wanted to introduce to everyone.

Hongfire Anime Network
The biggest single anime network I have ever encountered thus far. It's amazing. Full of galge, eroge, anime, manga, and even some of those old-school stuff (if the mirror site happens to be still active; which you can still request for the mirror site to be up if it's down).

Besides up coming new series, which I download 99% of the time from Animefansftw, I download the rest from Hongfire.

There are loopholes to anything, the sad part about hongfire is that it's such a large and archive-like anime network that some of the mirror sites might be "down".

Hongfire Anime Network Gintama-1


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Hongfire Anime Network Empty Re: Hongfire Anime Network

Post by Anijunkie on Thu Jul 14, 2011 11:52 pm

ahhhh hongfire...

i remember i dled so many different animes and games are received so much feedback back in the day when my obsession with fate was at its highest...

yea its a really good site, and the guys there are really cool peeps too

Hongfire Anime Network 149805-06GKD6E

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