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Post by Anijunkie on Fri Jul 08, 2011 1:02 am

Well I guess this count as an anime game, it is very anime-esqe.

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Well, in this game, you play Recette, a girl who's father slammed a large debt onto her, so large, her fairy companion and debt collector, Tear, refuses to say how much. That's the general idea of the game, go around, buying and reselling items with a little bit of dungeon crawling in there. There is also a goal by the end of a game week to make a certain amount of money to pay back the debt. 10,000 pix (currency) doesn't seem a lot at first but by the end of the month, on the last payment, players are required to pay back 500,000 pix. If players fail to meet the requirements, Tear takes ownership of Recette's house and Recette will be forced to live in a cardboard box for the rest of her life. Because of the difficulty, the developers were generous enough to add in a loop feature, where if the required sum was unable to be paid back, the players will start from the beginning of the game with all their items and levels intact. However, they will start with the beginning starting amount of money, which is 1,000 pix.

controls are very simple, just like playing a GBA emulator. In other words, z x c and v r the only buttons u really have to press with the arrow keys for movement. The game is very addicting and the dialogue, very humorous. Carpe Fulcum, the translators of the game, did an excellent job in keeping the cheerful atmosphere in the game and also managed to get a few laughs out of me.

BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! Just because you beat the game doesn't mean its over! There is an endless mode and a survival mode. Endless mode is just endless, where characters do not have to worry about payment at all. Survival is what it sounds like as well. In this mode, players will be required to pay back a growing sum every week, continuously increasing until you are ready to pull your hair out at how cruel Tear can really be.

Overall, great gameplay, great plot, and addicting to boot. I would definitely recommend this game to any player.

Story: 9 Imagine Hayate no Gotoku for a bit and this is kind of like that. Hilarious dialogue are thrown in for shits and giggles as part of the story which makes the game even more enjoyable.

Gameplay: 9 Very fun. Basic haggling skills like buying low selling high are fundamental skills to have and when you meet a hard customer to satisfy, it feels very rewarding to finally sell it to them at a relatively high price. The dungeon crawling areas also adds its own perks to the game, giving it more variety than just managing an item shop.

Presentation: 9 I love the anime style and design while many others would go against that. So yes it may be a little biased in this sense, but the gameplay is also very fluid, with no lag. The character designs are also very cute.

Enjoyment: 10 I feel like I can keep coming back to this game over and over. It is very fun and addicting and the sense of satisfaction I felt when I managed to pay back a huge sum by a sliver was very rewarding.

Final Score: 9.3 Great game overall. Don't see why people dislike the designs but understandable.


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