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The fate review is out Empty The fate review is out

Post by Anijunkie on Tue Jul 12, 2011 7:08 am

I am hoping to do a review of Fate/hollow Ataraxia soon as well. I guess I just gotta be patient with the translator though considering its only 55.7% translated.

Fate/hollow Ataraxia is the fandisk sequel to Fate/stay night where it takes place half a year after Fate/stay night. It is also a Visual Novel with very minimal graphic scenes (I think there's one in the actual story and four others that's just there for fan service, accessible once the main story has been completed). there is also bonus content to unlock like concept artwork as well as two minigames, an Illya's castle (don't know how else to describe it other than by putting the name of the minigame title) and a mahjong kind of thing. Also, I hope more people will be doing reviews in the game section. *cough cough* pantsu do Snegoku Rance *cough cough* Fate/Extra, I personally reserve for myself though. :)

The fate review is out 149805-06GKD6E

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