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Update (7/24/11) Empty Update (7/24/11)

Post by Vangogh on Sun Jul 24, 2011 3:32 am

Update News! July 24, 2011
Alright so here are the new features of this forum!

1:Newly added NMH Anime Games!------------------------------------------------------------
So I added a new section to the forum, which I based on animetake. It's a place where people can play simple games on the forum. For a bit of fun you know. : D

2:Newly added Creative Zone------------------------------------------------------------
This idea I got from the website that freshy gave me. But I am imagining a 4chan kind of feel to it. Each section has a "inspiration" bin which is where everything that isn't a NMH-Anime member original goes. Have fun and I hope you enjoy. Really looking forward to your masterpieces.

3:Yearly Banner Contest------------------------------------------------------------
Another idea from animetake. I thought it be nice to have a yearly change of design to keep things fresh. More detail will be up later. But pretty much there will be a yearly competition for the website's banner. You can submit by posting in NMH Anime Banner Contest in the "creative zone" -> Graphics section.

4:Discussions Section------------------------------------------------------------
At the idea of another website I changed "General Discussions" to "Discussions". And put some sub-forums in there for easier navigation/organization. The Discussions forum still acts as a "General" section so if what ever you want to say do not fit in the sub-forum then just post it in the main forum!

4:New Job Openings------------------------------------------------------------
Need some moderators for downloads section. Also coming soon: discussion moderators.
Hope you enjoy!

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